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Welcome to Men Bound! This site features videos of bound and helpless men being restrained, gagged and tortured by dominant women. If you like videos of guys being milked, fucked up the ass with strapons, and forced to cum for their mistresses, then you have found the right site because we have the very best videos of men bound abused by hot dominant women.

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Man Tied Up Gets Handjob From Three Women

Man Tied Up

Tied Up Handjob - Watch Here

In this video a man is tied up to a tree and ends up getting a handjob from three women. It was the guy's stag do - and he wasn't too pleased when his mates overpowered him and tied him to a tree. They then pulled down his jeans and boxer shorts and left him exposed and helpless in the middle of a field. The bound man was stranded there until he saw three women passing in the distance. He called them over to help but they were more amused by his predicament than anything else and they decided to have some fun with him.

To see the video of this man tied up by his mates, and find out how he ended up getting a handjob from three women, just follow this link...

Tied to Tree Video - Click Here

Men Bound Gagged And Masked

Men Bound Gagged

Gagged, Masked, Abused - Watch Here

I love watching videos of men bound gagged and masked by dominant women who then abuse the helpless guys until they are lost in a world of disorientation and pain. Today's video has all these elements and the additional bonus that the Dominatrix administering the hardcore bondage happens to be fucking hot! In the video a man is bound in heavy chains at his wrists, ankles and neck. His eyes are masked and an inflatable balloon gag is used to ensure he cannot speak. He is then subjected to a series of excruciating tortures - each one more painful than the last. If you are a fan of videos of bound men being gagged, masked and tortured then you will love this video - watch it right now on this link...

Hardcore Domination Video - Click Here

Men Tied Up - Abused By Women

Men Tied Up

Tied & Ass Abused - Watch Here

After my last post I've been looking for more videos of men tied up and abused by women who could easily kick their asses. So for today's post I've found this video of a really hot chick wrestling a guy, tying him up and abusing him. This chick is a real babe and has amazing strength - easily enough to kick this guy's ass for real - so it's awesome to watch her overpower him, tie him up and pull down his shorts so she can abuse his ass with a dildo. When it comes to videos of men tied up and abused by women you will have to go a long way to find a better example than this. You can watch the full video now on this link...

Overpowered by Babe - Click Here

Bound Man Milked by Sexy BBW

Bound and Cock Milked

BBW Milking Video - Watch Here

This video features a bound man being milked dry by a sexy BBW in stockings and suspenders. I love watching big BBW women dominating men. There is something highly erotic about being dominated by a woman who could easily beat you in a fight. This chick looks like she could take the guy out easily if she wanted to - and that makes this video extra hot. If you like to see a really strong woman milking a bound man's cock in a brutal dominant fashion, then this is the video for you. Check it out now on this link...

Bound Man Milked - Click Here

Bound Man Forced To Cum By Two Women

I got a lot of feedback about the video I posted of a bound man forced to cum by two women. It seems that you guys like to see men tied up and milked, so today I've found another example of a guy being bound and forced to cum. In this video the two women have the man restrained so he cannot move his arms or legs and they start work on his cock. Their aim is to force the man to ejaculate against his will...

Bound Man Forced To Cum

Forced Ejaculation - Watch Here

The idea of female domination and forced ejaculation is one that crops up quite a bit in femdom movies and, from the emails I get it, appears to be a popular subject. Watching a guy being forced to cum by two sexy women is something a lot of men want to see in their femdom porn videos so this video we have today should satisfy all those men who love a good forced milking video.

To watch this video of a bound man forced to cum by two women just follow this link...

Bound and Forced - Click Here