Man Tied Up Spread Eagle And Milked

Today's video features a man tied up spread eagle on a bed being milked by two women. The women are completely dominant and have the guy tied up by his wrists and ankles in a spread eagle position. There is no way he can prevent them from doing whatever they like to his cock and balls. The women begin by poking his dick with their fingers and giggling to each other about how shrivelled it looks. But the more they touch it the more it begins to twitch into life and start getting bigger.

Man Tied Up

TiedĀ Up & Milked - Click Here

Despite being overpowered and restrained the physical contact with the guy's cock causes it to rise involuntarily and begin to grow hard. He wants to escape but he still can't help the fact that his cock is growing. The women laugh as his dick grows harder and one of them takes hold of it and begins a slow stroke up and down the shaft. The other woman starts pulling quite hard on his balls, still giggling at his reactions and taking pleasure in making him jump each time she squeezes harder.

The first woman starts to increase the speed of her stroking. The guy doesn't want to cum for them but he can't resist the speed of her hand as it gets faster and faster. Finally, as the woman's hand reaches maximum speed on his cock, he can't hold back any longer and his balls begin to pump creamy white cum out of the end of his dick, spraying the women's hands and clothes.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be overpowered by two or more women, stripped naked, tied up spread eagle and milked then you should watch this video. You can watch it now on this link...

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