Bound and Gagged Men Tortured By Women

Today we have another in our series of videos of bound and gagged men tortured by women. The first thing you will notice about this video is just how hot the sexy dominatrix is. She is really stunning and looks amazing in her sexy domme outfit. But it's not all about the looks with this one; she also knows a thing or two about the art of dominating men!

Bound And Gagged Men

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You can see from the screenshot that the hot dominatrix has bound and gagged the man and has him face down on the floor. His arms are tied by his sides and also tied to his ankles which are bent up towards his ass. In this position the mistress can torture her slave with her whip and by standing on his back in her heels. She also pushes his face into the floor using her foot on the back of his head.

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Man Tied Up Spread Eagle And Milked

Today's video features a man tied up spread eagle on a bed being milked by two women. The women are completely dominant and have the guy tied up by his wrists and ankles in a spread eagle position. There is no way he can prevent them from doing whatever they like to his cock and balls. The women begin by poking his dick with their fingers and giggling to each other about how shrivelled it looks. But the more they touch it the more it begins to twitch into life and start getting bigger.

Man Tied Up

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Despite being overpowered and restrained the physical contact with the guy's cock causes it to rise involuntarily and begin to grow hard. He wants to escape but he still can't help the fact that his cock is growing. The women laugh as his dick grows harder and one of them takes hold of it and begins a slow stroke up and down the shaft. The other woman starts pulling quite hard on his balls, still giggling at his reactions and taking pleasure in making him jump each time she squeezes harder.

The first woman starts to increase the speed of her stroking. The guy doesn't want to cum for them but he can't resist the speed of her hand as it gets faster and faster. Finally, as the woman's hand reaches maximum speed on his cock, he can't hold back any longer and his balls begin to pump creamy white cum out of the end of his dick, spraying the women's hands and clothes.

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Bound and Gagged Guys Tortured

Watching videos of bound and gagged guys being tortured by sexy dommes is the highlight of my day. So when I found this video of a hot dominatrix torturing her male slave in an awesome BDSM scene I just had to share it with you. The video begins with the guy being stripped naked, bound and gagged and suspended in a harness. The guy's cock and balls are totally exposed and vulnerable to whatever his mistress decides to do.

Bound and Gagged Guys

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The torture session starts with nipple clamps being applied to the guy's nipples. The mistress takes great pleasure in twisting each clamp as she puts it in place and the guy's face displays a great deal of distress - you can even hear him groaning through the ball gag. With the nipple clamps tightly secured, the mistress takes a paddle and thoroughly spanks the guy's ass until it is red raw. It is at this point that she lights a candle and begins dripping wax onto the guy's cock!

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Hot Wax on Balls - Watch Here

Men Bound CBT Video - Cock Tortured

Today's video from Men Bound is a CBT video where a guy is restrained and has his cock tortured by a hot dominatrix. The man is stripped naked and bound at the wrists and ankles so that he is standing spread eagle and completely vulnerable. The sexy blonde dominatrix takes a piece of rope and begins to ties his cock and balls tightly...

Men Bound CBT

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This sexy domme is obviously experienced at CBT and she expertly binds his cock and balls with the rope. As she is handling his balls the guy's cock begins to become engorged and as the blood flows into it the ropes dig deeper into his flesh causing some severe pain. The mistress encourages this by rubbing the end of his cock with her fingers but as soon as he is fully erect she turns on the pain again by squeezing his balls hard, making the guy release an agonised groan.

If you want to see the video of this guy getting his cock bound then follow this link...

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